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MHD Clinic Ukraine: professional urological medical services in Europe at an affordable price


Urological Hospital with 420 beds and 24-hour care


Patients per Year are cured of urological diseases


Different Medical Departments for treatment and diagnosis

full cycle of diagnosis and treatment

With MHD Clinic, you can perform a full cycle of diagnosis and treatment in a comfortable environment for you. We lead in Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. Our clinic is equipped with modern equipment, and proven treatment methods are associated with the use of foreign advanced technologies and innovations.

All specialists of the MHD Clinic use classical proven and effective treatment methods, complementing them with innovative technologies and medicines. All of our doctors and surgeons are highly professional and have extensive experience in their field, on their account there are thousands of cured patients.

MHD Clinic keeps in touch with European medical institutes and research treatment centers, which allows us to learn about new directions in medicine before others and use them successfully. Our doctors and surgeons combine work in private clinics with scientific work at university departments.

Affordable Treatment Prices

Our clinic prices are lower than average treatment prices in Europe. And at the same time a huge number of diseases in Ukraine is treated at the level of the best world standards. At the crucial moment, when everything depends on the professionalism and experience of the doctor, you can be sure that you are in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

Health Tourism in Ukraine

All prices includes surgery, drug supply, and post-operative care in the hospital up to 10 day. We guarantee European quality and first-class patient services (including a meeting at the airport, diagnosis, treatment, and cultural program in Kharkiv City and Ukraine.

Welcome to Ukraine

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